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Posts & Rails

We offer a range of Standard Post and Rail Fencing. Please get in touch if you have any specific Post and Rail requirements that are not mentioned below.


Wooden Posts are available in various dimensions these can be supplied in standard pressure treatment HC3 or for a longer desired service life HC4 for timber in ground contact.

Fence Mate

Fence Mate drive ins can be used where a posts hole cannot be dug , i.e. close to hedges or tree roofs.

Fence Mate bolt downs can be used where an upright is needed, but concrete slabs or pads will not allow for a hole to be dug.

Posts Caps

Post Caps can be nailed to flat top posts, they can be used on their own or a Ball Finial can be used on top for a decorative finish.

Posts Weathered Tops

Slotted Timber Posts are available as an alternative to concrete posts and various machining options are available i.e. V Notching and Morticing to accommodate  Arris Rails and weathering of the tops to allow water to run off.


Rails can be used for Post and Rail fencing, round paddocks, fields,
boundaries etc. These rails are usually used with a post at either end
and one in the centre to give a strong finish. Standard Post and Rail
fencing can also have netting applied. This is also available.