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Sawn Fencing

Pales Round or Pointed Top

Pales can be used to make your own Picket Panels, or Gates. These can have Square, Round or Pointed Tops.


Can be used to make your own Trellis Panels. They are Square Sawn Timbers and are available in various sizes.

Arris Rails

Arris Rails are a triangular rail, used to nail Feather Edge boards onto when constructing Closeboard fencing. Arris Rails can be used with V Notched Posts or with Arris Rail Brackets which are available. Arris Rails can also be ended to use with Morticed Posts.

Feather Edge Boards

Feather Edge Boards are available in three widths these are used for the construction of Closeboard fencing. Feather Edge Boards are also used to make our heavy duty Closeboard panels. Feather Edge Boards are available in 100mm, 125mm and 150mm widths. Also available is a Feather Edge Board 175mm wide which is suitable for the cladding of buildings.

Grooved Decking

Grooved Decking boards have a different profile on each side. Grooved Decking is pressure treated Green. General Timber in various sizes is available which is ideal for the frame work for Grooved Decking.

Spindles, both twisted on plain and colonial posts, together with Decking Hand Rail can be pressure treated Green to match Grooved Decking.

Pales Square Top

Pales can be used to make your own Picket Panels, or Gates. These can have Square, Round or Pointed Tops.

Cappings Twice Weathered

Cappings are used to finish the top of Closeboard Fencing to keep the water from settling on top of the boards. They are twice weathered to allow the water to run off. Some are rebated and can be slotted over the Feather Edge Boards. Others are flat and need to be nailed to the top rail.

Cant Rails

Cant Rails have one chamfered edge which keeps the water away from Feather Edge Boards when used in the construction of Closeboard fencing. Cant Rails are available in 32mm sections which can be slotted into concrete posts or slotted.

General Timbers

General Timbers are sawn boards which are suitable for path edging. Framework for decking, raised beds and other garden projects.

Wall Plates

Wall Plates are a sawn board which can be attached to walls, where digging a post hole would come into contact with footings. These can also be used for path edging and frame work for decking.

Landscape Sleepers

Landscape Sleepers are ideal for many garden projects including raised beds and for retaining soil. Which is a good alternative to traditional sleepers. Structural screws in three lengths, are ideal for use with Landscape sleepers.